Everything is About to Change

We have some exciting news to share. In the beginning of 2015, we're launching two major initiatives in the United Kingdom! The first will be founding a ministry school with Stella's Voice in north Scotland. This equipping center will disciple, train, and send students to engage the European mission field. Our second work will be to plant the first Ramp UK in Manchester, England. This plant will act as the hub for the Ramp's international ministries while focusing on winning the city of Manchester for the cause of Christ.

These plans have been developing since mid-2013, and we're so excited to finally be able to share them with you. Our hearts are overflowing with dreams of what's possible in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Many of you have asked how to be involved in supporting us. The most beautiful part of any dream is that it can never be fulfilled alone. It takes a family of people whose imaginations are alive to the impossible. If you see possibilities in Europe—for the hurting, desperate, and unreached—you have the opportunity to give right into the heart of this mission. Everything you give goes directly into advancing our work in the UK and beyond.

Thank you for giving. Thank you for believing.